What is the procedure for meter installation?

We will install your meter within 30 working days of receiving your completed application form.

Before installation we will survey your property to check it is possible to fit a meter and to identify where it should be fitted.

We aim to carry out the survey and fit the meter on the same day. If we do not fit the meter on the same day, we will revisit as soon as we can to install it.

When we fit the meter we will need to turn off your water supply for a short time.

Normally we try to fit the meter as near to the property boundary as possible. Sometimes this may be just outside the boundary in the pavement. If this is not possible, we will discuss the location with you before starting the installation.

After your meter is installed, you will be given a metering welcome pack with helpful advice.

Your unmetered charges will stop on the day we install your meter and we will write to you with full details.

If you apply for a meter but it can't be fitted, you'll be offered anĀ assessed charge instead.

You can apply for a meterĀ online.