How do I read the meter?

It's usually straightforward to read your meter. To start lift the outer lid using a flat-headed screwdriver. Internal meters don't have a lid.

Remove the polystyrene cover if there is one. If there's an inner metal lid, pull it up to see the meter face. Remember to put this back when you've taken the reading because it helps to protect against frost damage.

Next check that the serial number on your bill matches the one on the meter. If so, you can now read the meter.

If you are sending us a meter reading, we need the black figures only - these record whole cubic metres (m3).

To send us a meter reading use our online form, call our 24-hour automated service on 0345 600 6 600 or contact us.

Find out more about how to read your meter.

If you're unable to read your meter, please contact us and we'll arrange for someone to read it for you.